Birthday Book Club is a wonderful opportunity for you to donate a book to the Sandy Hook School library in honor of your students' birthday! With your donation, your child gets to select which brand new hardcover book they would like to donate to the library (from our Birthday Book Club selection of new books). We put a bookplate in the book stating that this book was generously donated in honor of your child's birthday.  Your child will be the first to check the book out and then it goes on the library shelves for everyone in the school to enjoy.  Frequently children will select a book and discover that it is the Birthday Book of a friend which makes them smile!  

The Birthday Book Club celebration happens once per month, typically during the last week of the month. All students whose birthday occur during that month (or September for August birthdays or June for July birthdays) come to the library on the designated morning and choose from several hundred new books we have on display for the one they want dedicated to them.  This is a great way to add to our collection! Send in the form along with a check made payable to the SHS School for $20.00. Please send it in prior to your child's birthday for them to be included in their birthday month.

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